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Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting an item for consideration for publication in one of our upcoming editions, please read the following Submission Guidelines:

All submissions should be received no later than the 15th day of the month. For example, if you would like for your article to be published in the March edition of the Bayou Talk, your submission should be received by February 15th.

All submissions must be in Word, Text, or Publisher formats. Please note that PDF’s and other formats will not be considered for publication. Original photography or artwork only, 300 dpi JPEG files. For help with formatting your submission, or for copyright questions, please contact us at

Whenever possible, submissions should correspond to the Theme for that month’s edition. For a complete list of our 2013 Themes, please click here.

Articles/Personal Essays

Articles and personal essays should be no more than 2500 words in length.


Original recipe submissions only. You may not submit any recipe that has been copied or reproduced from any published source, tangible or electronic. Recipes posted in The Bayou Talk will be credited to the individual that submitted the recipe. We maintain no copyright over these recipes. However, by submitting a recipe to us (in either method mentioned above), you are giving The Bayou Talk the rights to use the recipes in our newspaper, our website, our mailing lists and in other promotional means. If you wish to have your name removed from a recipe, we will gladly oblige. Please note, we reserve the right to only remove a recipe from our archive in the case of corporate trademark or copyright issues.

You may include up to two (2) images (300 dpi JPEG files) and a 500 word description or story to accompany your original recipe.

We welcome recipes from all varieties of cuisine and culture, with a primary focus on Creole cuisine.


Movie, concert, or event reviews and coverage must be current and relevant. 750 word max.

Birth, Death, Marriage, Engagement, Graduation Announcements

At the Bayou Talk, we are deeply committed to keeping all of the members and friends of our Creole community connected. We encourage you to send us your news of interest!

Special Notices and Announcements, including obituaries, may be of any length, and can be submitted with up to three (3) images (300 dpi JPEG files). For questions concerning formatting, please contact us today at

At this time, there is no compensation being offered for published submissions, however, all contributors will receive full credit for their submission (if published) unless we are given specific instructions not to credit a submission by name.

** Please note that unpublished submissions will be kept on file for two years (24 months) from receipt. Bayou Talk reserves the right to publish submissions at a later date under the terms of these Submission Guidelines.

Electronic submissions are strongly preferred and may be sent to

Submissions may also be snail-mailed to:

Submissions c/o
Bayou Talk Newspaper
27101 Yorba Linda Ct.
Menifee, CA 92586

Submissions Disclaimer:

Bayou Talk Newspaper is Published monthly by Jo-Val, Inc.

Bayou Talk reserves the right to edit all material(s) submitted for length and clarity and to conform to its editorial style.

Unsolicited manuscripts will be considered, but will not be returned. PLEASE do not send us your only copy of your work.

The opinions expressed in each submission are solely the opinions of the individual contributor. Bayou Talk accepts no liability, nor bears any responsibility, for any claim that may arise from the publishing of any submission. Sole liability rests with the individual contributor.

Bayou Talk reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the acceptance, rejection, or editing of any information, listings or advertising. It is Bayou Talk’s sole decision as to whether or not submissions are published and for how long.

By submitting materials to Bayou Talk, contributors (including, but not limited to, writers, photographers, artists, cooks, advertisers, etc.) declare that they are the sole owners and authors of their submitted material(s) and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to it/them.

Use of recipes found on the website

You may, for personal use only, copy single recipes from our Newsletter and website. You may not sell any recipes copied from our Newsletter or website either singly or in collections. You may copy recipes on to your own computer for personal use. You may share reasonable numbers of recipes in email or on websites as long as credit is given to author and, if published on our website, a link (either clickable or text) to the recipe on our site, or a link to our homepage.

“Ask Sadie Mae” Submissions

By submitting a query, question, or letter to our “Ask Sadie Mae” column, you grant the Bayou Talk Newspaper permission to publish it in our newsletter, on our website, or elsewhere including print publications. Your name, email address, and other contact and identifying information will never be included or distributed. Due to the large number of submissions received, there is no guarantee that a question will be responded to.

The writer(s) for our “Ask Sadie Mae” column offer opinions on a variety of subjects. They are expressing personal and professional opinions and views. These opinions or views are not intended to treat or diagnose and the Bayou Talk Newspaper and its staff, writers, etc. are not responsible for the outcome or results of following their advice in any given situation. You are completely responsible for your actions and neither the Bayou Talk Newspaper nor its staff or writers accept any liability for any situation in your life past, present or future.

You may not copy or reprint content from our Newsletter or website without express written permission from Bayou Talk (in the case of Bayou Talk-created content) or the individual contributor. Contributors retain full copyright of their submissions, unless otherwise determined in writing between Bayou Talk and the contributor.

Bayou Talk proofreads all materials submitted for publication; however, mistakes can be made in printing which we cannot be held responsible for. It is our sincere wish to publish an error-free newspaper.