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Letoyant Creole Wine -- 2007 Syrah

Currently sold out. Check with us for details.

The 2007 Syrah is Estate Grown on Tesoro Winery’s Kimberly Vineyards in Temecula Valley, California. It has a intense purple-red color, with a spicy sage flavor that compliments the cultural Creole cuisine and its counter parts, with a mild vanilla fragrance that is pleasant to smell. The taste buds will find rich stone fruit flavors of cherry and plum along with the vanilla, sage as well as some meaty and earthy tones. The wine is rich on the palate and will carry through to the finish.

The 2007 Syrah will please you and any of your guests. It’s that perfect wine for that special dinner party or just a
glass to unwind with at the end of a hard day at the office. It will fit any occasion.

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Letoyant Creole History

Louis H. Metoyer with Veronica Metoyer at Tesoro WineryThe word “Letoyant” is the 17th century spelling of the family name “Metoyer.” Claude Thomas Pierre Letoyant/Metoyer and his brother arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1767 from La Rochelle, France. Pierre Letoyant, a merchant by trade, wound his way up the Mississippi River to the French post of Natchitoches, Louisiana, where he settled and found his fortune in the development of the new French colony. Eight generations later, Louis H. Metoyer, the Metoyer Family, and the French Colony are thriving in the historic Cane River area and throughout the world.

The Letoyant Creole wine is just another addition to the Metoyer legacy. In 1963 the Metoyer family came to California to seek opportunities for a brighter future. In October of 1988, Louis and his family developed the Bayou Talk Newspaper which linked the Louisiana French Creole communities from coast to coast and around the world long before the Internet became the high speed network of news. Louis Metoyer and Tesoro Winery have partnered to develop Letoyant Creole, a Creole wine in the tradition of the Creole cultural heritage and its people.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Northwestern State University Creole Heritage Center courtesy of Tesoro Winery and Bayou Talk Newspaper.

Photo credit: Todd Montgomery